IBM® IMS™ Connect Extensions for z/OS® enhances the manageability of TCP/IP access to IMS through IMS Connect, an integrated function of IMS.

IMS Connect Extensions enables centralized management and control of all your IMS Connect systems from an ISPF operations dialog or z/OS Explorer Eclipse GUI client. The CEX host command environment for REXX enables IMS Connect Extensions commands to be embedded in REXX programs, which allows more flexible automation of IMS Connect operations.

IMS Connect Extensions complements and extends the features of IMS Connect: speeding and simplifying problem determination, dynamically balancing workloads and responding to IMS data store availability and flood conditions, streamlining performance tuning and customization, and improving the availability and security of IMS Connect.

IMS Connect Extensions provides:

  • Comprehensive event recording of IMS Connect activity, providing information to help analyze performance, throughput, resource availability, and security.
  • Transaction summary forwarding to analytics engines such as Splunk.
  • The ability to temporarily suspend routing of messages to an IMS data store, allowing it to be 'drained' of in-progress transactions and reducing the likelihood of transactions failing or being rejected when IMS is shut down.
  • Automatic distribution of persistent session workloads in a sysplex environment.
  • Additional security options for IMS Connect.
  • Dynamic rules-based management of OTMA and Open Database (ODBM) workloads.

The IBM IMS Connect Extensions for z/OS Operations Console is a plug-in for z/OS Explorer that provides you with additional capabilities beyond the IBM IMS Connect Extensions for z/OS ISPF-based interface. Use the Operations Console to view real-time IMS Connect information, stop and start IMS data stores, suspend and resume routing, and issue IMS Connect WTOR command or IMS Connect z/OS command and IMS type-1 commands.

IMS Connect Extensions is branded and distributed internationally by IBM.

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  • Dynamically manage workload through routing of TCP/IP OTMA transactions or TCP/IP DRDA® requests
  • Record and report IMS Connect events, activity, and utilization in real time
  • Single point of control for multiple IMS Connect systems
  • REXX interface for automated operations
  • Improve the availability, reliability, and performance of IMS Connect
  • Speed and simplify problem determination
  • Simplify the deployment of WebSphere and SOAP clients
  • Improve system security with flexible access control
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